Enhancing Operations and Driving Growth: A Data Analytics Journey with Plato’s Pizza REFERENCE In the fast-paced and competitive world of the restaurant industry, data analytics has become an indispensable tool for improving operations, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting sales. As a data analytics specialist at Digital Rise Solutions, for Plato’s Pizza, a Greek-inspired pizza place in New Jersey. The…

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business-analytics-Services-Swiden airline-REFKA

Airline Sweden Business Analytics Report

SWIDEN AIRLINE REFERENCE In the realm of business analytics, employing tools like Power BI or Power Query in Excel often entails extracting information from various sheets within the same Excel file. The complexity arises when these sheets necessitate adjustments before data integration. Unlike straightforward cases where all sheets share identical columns, more intricate scenarios demand…

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ihe sousse ecole de commerce Business and Law School

Business and Law School

Institut des Hautes Études is a private educational institution established in 1998 in Tunis in collaboration with the scientific and pedagogical support of the Mercure University Foundation and under the supervision of the European Economic Chamber in Brussels. Since the introduction of the new law on private higher education in Tunisia, Institut des Hautes Études…

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